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Hamefura S2 Episode 3: Katarina Got Kidnapped

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Hamefura S2 Episode 3 has now aired, and the story is taking quite a turn. In case you’ve missed it, the previous episode ended in a cliffhanger. In the last scene, it showed that someone kidnapped Katarina. Luckily, this episode will reveal who is the real culprit that is behind this whole kidnapping. A recently introduced character will also have their backstory revealed. Spoilers ahead!


Katarina woke up safely in a room that’s unfamiliar to her. Selena, Prince Ian’s fiance, greeted her along with her maid and butler. She reassures her that she has no intention of harming her in any way. Many thoughts were in Katarina’s mind, that’s why she asked for a reason for the kidnapping.

Before Selena gets to answer her question, Rufus, Selena’s butler interrupted her. Things went strange when Rufus used magic that somehow altered her response. Seems like we have a dark magic user in the story. Aside from that, Lana is also looking quite familiar as Katarina made a request with her.

Katarina waking up in an unfamiliar room
Katarina waking up in an unfamiliar room

Of course, what else would that request be but Katarina’s favorite thing in the world – sweets. Katarina continues to enjoy herself despite the situation she’s in. In fact, she even considers her state as the best. She can eat a lot of sweets, read all she wants, and just laze around. It’s as if she wasn’t kidnapped at all.

Katarina enjoying herself while being held captive
Katarina enjoying herself while being held captive

Alan and Mary

While her whereabouts are still unknown, Mary and Alan worry for their friend. Not only that, but Alan also worries about his fiancé Mary not having rest. The same is true with Mary showing concern for Alan. After their sweet moment, the scene revealed that both had a serious conversation in the past. Both confessed that they have feelings for another person. Despite this, they refused to call off their engagement until Mary gets to be with the person she admires.

Mary and Alan having a serious conversation
Mary and Alan having a serious conversation

Kidnapper’s Intentions

In the middle of the night, Selena interrupted Katarina’s slumber. It is when she immediately confessed to Katarina that she’s the one behind the kidnapping. Furthermore, her real intention is to get Geordo to renounce his right to the throne. Getting rid of Geordo will have her fiancé more chances to claim the throne. She also envies Geordo’s love for Katarina, which in the end made her cry in front of Katarina.

Selena apologizing for interrupting Katarina's sleep
Selena apologizing for interrupting Katarina’s sleep

The Rescue Team

While Katarina listens to Selena’s story, her friends are planning their next move to rescue her. Geordo plans to renounce his rights to the throne, however, the process takes time. Others also suggest different plans in order to save her, but they have their own set of drawbacks.

Katarina's friends' meeting
Katarina’s friends’ meeting

Maria raises if there’s dark magic involved in this situation. Mary boldly declares to shut down everyone suspicious and recklessly heads out. Before she left the room, Raphael was there to stop her and guarantees that their friend is safe and will be rescued.

Selena’s Past

As her friends plan out on how to save her, Katarina lends an ear to Selena. She cannot believe the praises that Selena’s throwing out on her and to everyone. Selena, being regretful for what she has done, decides to call off her engagement with Ian. Katarina is surprised at how far Selena will do in order to set things right. Selena then told Katarina how she and her fiancé met and how she fell in love with him.

Ian and Selena when they were young
Ian and Selena when they were young

While telling the story, Selena cannot help but tell how she’s a burden and inferior to everyone. To her surprise, Katarina sympathizes with her because she and Selena are no different in her perspective. After Selena tells her story, Katarina immediately comforts her and how she is in the same boat. She also asked if Selena if she wants to be her friend, in which Selena willingly accepts.

A newfound friendship between Katarina and Selena
A newfound friendship between Katarina and Selena

The Real Culprit

With her newfound courage and friend, Selena was poised to end this silly situation and return Katarina home. However, the episode doesn’t end here as the real culprit shows up. It was none other than the butler Rufus who was suspicious this whole time. The episode ended with Rufus declaring to Katarina his sinister plot.

The real culprit Rufus shows up
The real culprit Rufus shows up

Hamefura S2 Episode 3 showed some spiciness to the series. Selena and Katarina’s misunderstandings in the whole episode were quite a gag as well. Not to mention, Mary and Alan’s scene was a little bit surprising, to say the least. We all know though that they’re referring to one person. Moreover, it was nice to see that their bond is becoming strong because of Katarina.

Speaking of which, even though Katarina cleared all her doom flags, she continues to have struggles in the other world. Nevertheless, she always comes up with something to get her out in every sticky situation. This is Katarina we’re talking about, after all.

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