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Hazure Skill "Kinomi Master" Anime Announced

Hazure Skill “Kinomi Master”: Skill no Mi (Tabetara Shinu) wo Mugen ni Taberareru Yо ni Natta Ken ni Tsuite (Failure Skill “Nut Master”: How I Gained the Ability to Eat Unlimited Skill Fruits [Without Dying]) anime adaptation has been announced. Special illustrations drawn by the manga artist and original novel character designer Yasutaka Isegawa were revealed.

Hazure Skill “Kinomi Master” Anime Announcement Illustration by Air Matsukoto
Hazure Skill “Kinomi Master” Anime Announcement Illustration by Yasutaka Isegawa

Hazure Skill “Kinomi Master” is a Japanese web novel series written by Hanyuu. It began serialization online in May 2020 on the Shosetsuka ni Naro user-generated website. The manga adaptation has art by Air Matsukoto, and it has been serialized online on Kodansha’s Suiyobi no Sirius manga service since July 2021. There is also light novel version with illustrations by Yasutaka Isekawa which began in May 2022.

The story follows a boy named Light, who gets a useless <Nut Master> skill from a Skill Fruit. Everyone can only eat one of the fruits without dying, and his friend Lena got the Sword Saint skill. She then quickly became an S-Rank adventurer, while his skill was only good for farming. Still, Light is the protagonist, and so one day he eats another Skill Fruit and gains the Sword Saint skill instead of dying. How overpowered can he become now that he can eat unlimited Skill Fruits? We’ll be looking forward to seeing it!

Source: Oricon
© Hanyuu, Air Matsukoto, Kodansha / Hazure Skill “Kinomi Master” Production Committee

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