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Healer Girl TV Anime by Studio 3Hz Announced

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The original TV anime “Healer Girl” by studio 3Hz (“Flip Flappers”, “Dimension W”) has been announced. The anime will be directed by Yasuhiro Irie (“Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”), with Noboru Kimura writing the screenplay and Yukie Akiya designing the characters. The release date is yet to be determined.

The key visual from the series’ official Twitter:

Healer Girl Visual

Cast posting has also been announced and includes:

  • Karin Isobe as Kana Fujii
  • Marina Horiuchi as Reimi Itsushiro
  • Akane Kumada as Hibiki Morishima
  • Chihaya Yoshitake as Sonia Yanagi

Healer Girl Synopsis

The anime depicts the world of “Healer Girls” — high school girls who cure people with singing.
(Anime News Network)

Source: Healer Girl Official Twitter Account, Official Website
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