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Horimiya Anime Episode 1 Makes A Strong Start

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The anime adaptation of “Horimiya” has already aired its episode 1, and it’s made a strong start! First off, the opening had amazing visuals aside from a great song titled “Iro Kousui” and performed by You Kamiyama. The director of the anime Masashi Ishihama is already known for great OP sequences, and Horimiya is definitely in great hands. Check out some of the shots:

The trailer is available on the Aniplex JP YouTube Channel. It’s probably restricted though, but you can just watch it in the episode instead. The episode itself mainly introduced the main duo Hori and Miyamura, with minor appearances from other characters. Besides great animation and good direction (good for me, not an expert), it managed to showcase the pretty artstyle and quirkiness of the two. So we learned that this guy:

horimiya anime episode 1 screenshot

Is actually a person who does things “in the spur of a moment”. Hori’s reactions were adorable, and her hidden side seems much more harmless. If I understood it correctly, it’s just that she rushes home to take care of her little brother and house. That doesn’t seem as worth hiding as the piercings and tattoos. Well, either way, she’s another waifu.

horimiya anime episode 1 screenshot

I loved how they barely knew each other and Miyamura took the eggs thing so seriously. The scene where he ran was also pretty cool.

horimiya anime episode 1 screenshot

I felt bad for the guy who asked Hori out, but come on, he never had a chance. Hope he recovers and can have a happy ending with some other side character. Meanwhile Hori-Miya have already had some nice moments and I’m looking forward to them becoming a couple in the future.

horimiya anime episode 1 screenshot

I enjoyed episode 1 of the Horimiya anime, and can’t wait to see how their relationship develops in the 13 episodes!

You can also vote for it as the best anime of Winter 2021 (Week 2) in our weekly poll here.

Images from Funimation
©HERO・萩原ダイスケ/SQUARE ENIX・「ホリミヤ」製作委員会

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