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How It Feels to Spend a Day at Japan's Adult Theme Park

Joey, a.k.a. The Anime Man, recently uploaded a video to YouTube about SODLand, Japan’s adult theme park. SOD is an acronym for “Soft on Demand,” and it is one of the largest adult video companies in Japan, renowned for its innovative approach to adult video production. The SODLand is located in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho neighborhood and opened unexpectedly during the pandemic.

The adult theme park, SODLand, was created to allow people to interact with and learn about active actresses. It provides a range of services but, most importantly, ensures that everything is secure.

Prior to entering, you will be sprayed with a disinfectant, your temperature will be taken, and you will be required to use a hand sanitizer. Following those steps, proceed to the reception floor. There, you can purchase a variety of merchandise and tickets that grant access to various floors.

Joey’s video about Japan’s adult theme park, SODLand, is embedded below:

Japan Adult Theme Park

Joey (The Anime Man) Visits SODLand Theme Park

Bottom 1st Floor (Adult Theme Park)

Customers can enjoy an izakaya-style bar where they can meet emerging actresses. You can also purchase beverages and snacks while you’re there. Additionally, there are two very interesting and enticing “attractions.” One of them is a toilet with a one-way mirror, which allows you to see the actress while attending to your needs but not her.

Screenshot via The Anime Man’s video (YouTube)

Another attraction at the theme park is a simulation of physical contact with an actress, in which you can watch a show with only acrylic glass separating you from the actress.

2nd Floor

Screenshot via The Anime Man’s video (YouTube)

Customers can speak with some of the night workers on this floor (for example soap land workers). Additionally, they can benefit from some one-on-one time and get to know the employees a little bit better. Due to the severity of the pandemic’s impact on those facilities, this allows adult workers to earn some extra money on the side.

3rd Floor

This floor features the “SOD Shining Bar Kabukicho,” a bar where patrons can converse with a live actress while sipping on alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. However, there are some twists, as drinks include special bonus shows:

Screenshot via The Anime Man’s video (YouTube)
  • You can choose a “scenario” from the list, and the actress will whisper inappropriate things into your ear.
  • The actress will look you directly in the eyes and declare her love for you.
  • You will choose one of four cards that contain specific role-play scenarios. After selecting it, the actress is required to perform the role-play for a specified amount of time.

4th Floor

Screenshot via The Anime Man’s video (YouTube)

On the top floor, there is a “Silent Bar” that is completely enclosed by one-way windows. On one side, customers can order drinks and observe the girls, who are on the other side preparing drinks and putting on a show while dressed provocatively. The primary rule is that customers are not permitted to speak.

Joey’s YouTube channel can be found here! Additionally, Joey’s video about the adult theme park is available in its entirety on his Patreon page.

The screenshots used in this article are all taken from Joey’s video, which is available on his YouTube channel.

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