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HxH Author's Favorite Manga of 2023, Oi! Tonbo Releases First Full Anime Trailer

Oi! Tonbo, Hunter x Hunter author Yoshihiro Togashi’s favorite manga of 2023, just released a full-length trailer ahead of its upcoming anime adaptation by OLM in April 2024. Readers can check out the Oi! Tonbo trailer below:

Oi! Tonbo trailer

Released on January 18, 2024, the new Oi! Tonbo trailer follows the April 2024 release date announcement, as well as new cast, theme songs, and staff information. Oh Jin-koo will be directing the series, with Mitsutaka Hirota responsible for the screenplay. OLM Team Inoue will be animating the series with SMDE responsible for the CG. OLM Team Inoue is animating the currently airing Pon no Michi anime.

Togashi gave Oi! Tonbo a huge endorsement in November, stating that the manga’s titular character Tonbo succeeded where he failed with Gon’s initial design. “It’s a work that perfectly combines Mr. Kawasaki’s knowledge of people and golf with Mr. Furusawa’s warm illustrations that gently portray the dedicated characters,“ he added.

Oi! Tonbo has been serialized in Weekly Golf Digest since 2014, with over 1.8 million copies in circulation, per PR Times. Oh Jin-koo hyped the upcoming series, calling it a story of “laughter and tears,” created in a way that makes “everyone want to imitate Tonbo’s swing.” Oi! Tonbo debuts in April 2024 and is described: “A dramatic story of golf and people unfolding on the Tokara Islands. Igarashi, who abandoned his past and fled from society, moved to the Tokara Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture. The only person he met on the island, called ‘Japan’s last frontier,’ was a middle schooler named Tonbo. The innocent girl concealed an outrageous talent for golf!? This encounter greatly changes the destinies of them both…

Source: YouTube
©Ken Kawasaki/Yu Furusawa/Oi Tonbo Production Committee

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