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Ikoku Nikki Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

The Ikoku Nikki manga series is getting an anime adaptation by studio Shuka (The Case Files of Jeweler Richard, Natsume’s Book of Friends). The release date is still unknown, but the staff information has been revealed and includes:

  • Director: Miyuki Oshiro (To Your Eternity episode director, unit director/storyboard artist for Natsume’s Book of Friends Movie 2)
  • Series Composition and Screenplay: Kohei Kiyasu (My Home Hero, known as a voice actor)
  • Character Designer: Kenji Hayama (Princess Jellyfish)
  • Music: Kensuke Ushio (Chainsaw Man, Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop)

Ikoku Nikki by Tomoko Yamashita was serialized in Shodensha’s Feel Young magazine from 2017 to 2023. The chapters (54 total) were compiled into 11 volumes. The plot follows a 35-year-old novelist Makio who ends up taking in her orphaned niece, Asa. The two have to adjust to life together, even though they may not be ready for it.

The manga has been nominated for multiple awards, including 12th and 13th Manga Taisho, where it ranked fourth and tenth, as well as the 28th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize.

The Ikoku Nikki manga has an upcoming live-action movie adaptation, starring Yui Aragaki, Ikoi Hayase, and Koji Seto. The premiere is set for June 2024.

Source: Official Website
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