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In/Spectre Returns With a Solid Premiere

The first episode of In/Spectre Season 2 is finally here after almost three years after the end of the first season. The anime, also known as Kyokou Suiri, is one of those somewhat rare blends of supernatural, mystery, and romance anime that focus on the cases where various Japanese mythological creatures affect humans’ everyday lives. The detective spin on it makes it an effortless watch that can keep you interested for a while and leave you wanting more. Studio Brain’s Base made a huge effort for the animation of the second season, adding onto the transitions that make the story even more tense and engaging.

A short recap started off the second season, and it served as an amazing refresher for the anime. As someone who doesn’t like rewatching things, this was quite helpful and it allowed me to seamlessly jump into the actual story. The first episode started with a mysterious case set in a certain apartment where weird noises can be heard in a vacant room. Our detectives quickly conclude that is probably caused by a supernatural creature that could negatively affect the humans in the area.

In/Spectre Season 2 premiere made for a solid and interesting episode. I grew more curious about the case as time went on, but this is not to say that character development was forgotten for the monster of the week segment. Kotoko and Kuro got plenty of screen time and their interactions were adorable. Additionally, the episode highlight just how deep their bond is now and how much they trust each other, especially in the time of need. I’m looking forward to see where this season takes us: I certainly want to see more of this duo and I hope we get just that.

Did you enjoy In/Spectre Season 2 episode 1? Don’t forget to vote for the anime in our weekly polls! The next episode will air on Sunday, January 15. The English-subtitle versions will be available on Muse Asia’s YouTube, but also Crunchyroll.

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