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Inazuma Is Coming! Genshin Impact 2.0 Livestream Recap

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Genshin Impact gave fans confirmation of the news they’ve been wanting to hear for the longest time: Inazuma is COMING. Though many players had some inclination that this would be happening soon, the news was only officially confirmed in Genshin Impact’s 2.0 livestream.

The livestream unveiled a ton of new information for players out there! They showcased the version 2.0 official trailer, gave a glimpse of Inazuma’s beautiful scenery, showcased a few new characters, and talked about the events that would be coinciding with the update! There’s a bevy of information that was unveiled, and here’s a quick recap of the most important bits discussed in the livestream!

Genshin Impact’s 2.0 update is right around the corner!

The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia

Part of the livestream was a trailer for the incoming Genshin Impact 2.0 update. It reveals information about where the game’s story might progress when the update lands. Based on where the story leaves off before the update, players will know that the Traveller will be seeking an audience with the Raiden Shogun in Inazuma.

This won’t be a simple affair, however. With the vision hunt decree still ongoing, Inazuma faces turbulent times. The citizens of Inazuma appear to be in conflict with one another. There are those that follow the orders of the Raiden Shogun, while there are others that oppose her. Tensions are high in this new land.

genshin impact inazuma update
Did she just… pull that sword… out of her…

Imbued with the power of Electro, how will the Traveller navigate this precarious landscape? One can only speculate for now. However, the story the trailer presents is nothing short of exciting. It will be interesting to see where the game takes the Traveller’s tale.

genshin impact inazuma update
Where will the Traveller’s journey lead?

Genshin Impact’s new characters, new banners!

The Genshin Impact livestream also introduced a bunch of new characters, some of which will be available on character banners in the not-so-distant future! Among the new five-stars introduced are Kamisato Ayaka and Yoimiya!

Players may already be familiar with these characters. Ayaka has been one of the most anticipated units in the game, having been popular since the game’s beta release. On the other hand, Yoimiya is a character whose official art was released not too long ago by miHoYo themselves.

genshin impact inazuma update
Players have been waiting for her since the game’s beta… Ayaka is finally coming!

However, we finally have confirmation that these will be the two banner characters for the upcoming update! Ayaka’s banner will be coming first, while Yoimiya’s will come shortly after.

genshin impact inazuma update
Yoimiya is a fiery archer from Inazuma!

Alongside these five-star Genshin Impact characters, the adorable Sayu also makes a notable appearance on the livestream! This tiny, tailed four-star will be available on the Yoimiya banner to be rolled for as well!

genshin impact inazuma update
This adorable little ninja will be on the Yoimiya banner to roll!

Among the rollable characters released, a few other characters make appearances as well! Tohma, Yae Miko, and Kokomi are all present in the update stream. Though they will remain unplayable for now, it will surely only be a matter of time before players can get their hands on them too!

Inazuma: The Nation of Eternity

The livestream also makes a grand showcase of Inazuma in all its glory. Apprently, Inazuma was designed to be an archipelagic land, comprised of six different islands. Though each of these islands are home to different creatures, puzzles, and threats, they all share a similar visual theme.

genshin impact inazuma update
Inazuma’s landscapes incorporate Japanese-inspired visuals beautifully.

The nation is heavily inspired by Japan, and it shows. Trees of purple, pink, and blue shades drape the vast landscape. Japanese style architecture encapsulates many of the nation’s buildings. Sloping roofs, intricate decor, and exquisite ornaments adorn the areas of Inazuma. That, coupled with a gorgeous soundtrack, makes for such a captivating environment, visually and auditorily.

genshin impact inazuma update
In a few weeks, players will be able to traverse this beautiful land.

Genshin Impact players have been excited to visit Inazuma for so long. Seeing and hearing all this will only riot those feelings of excitement further. But the good news is that players won’t have to wait for too long! The Nation of Eternity is just around the corner; we all just gotta be patient!

Other minor bits from the Genshin Impact livestream

There was a lot of small updates that were unveiled at the end of the livestream too. While minor, all of these add to reasons to be excited for Genshin Impact’s upcoming update!

There’s going to be a bunch of new events that arrive with the update. Theater Mechanicus is making a return, which was a big hit with Genshin Impact players the first time around. An event will also be providing players with a free copy of Beidou! Additionally, these events are going to be giving players Primogems as rewards! With all these in-game events, there’s plenty of reason to get hyped!

There’s so many events that will be coming with the 2.0 update!

Furthermore, the teapot housing system will get a neat little upgrade too! Players will now be able to garden in their teapots! According to the livestream, players will be able to collect seeds in the open world and plant them in their teapots. It’s a very small addition to the game, but one that will make the housing system much more engaging.

Genshin Impact: Farm Simulator

Finally, the game will also be introducing a bunch of new weapons and two new artifact sets. While it’s too early to say what impact these may have on the game, they certainly look interesting. They may introduce new best-in-slot builds for characters, both new and old. Either way, it’s a good thing that players get more build options! These additions to the game are more than welcome.

The full livestream can be viewed in the link below:

These are exciting times for Genshin Impact! It will no doubt be exciting to see what exactly this update brings when it lands!

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