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Insomniacs After School Review: A Beautiful Tale About Finding Your Safe Space

The anime Insomniacs After School recently concluded, and I have nothing but praise to the series’ direction in terms of every aspect imaginable: from the animation, storytelling, and especially the music. Ever since I first reviewed the manga’s first volume, I have been in love with this series and the vibe it gives to the soul and the mind. For each of the episodes that aired, I had the biggest grin on my face as I watched the main characters Ganta Nakami and Isaki Magari tackle their insomnia and grow a newly-found love for astronomy.

I’ve already briefly talked about my point about Insomniacs After Schools in our recent team picks for the best anime of the season of Spring 2023. As I said, the on-screen chemistry between Ganta and Isaki was very wholesome and not superficial at all. Behind all of the dumb shenanigans they did, they shared the same wavelength on how to overcome their insomnia by keeping each other company.

And while Insomniacs After School is just one of the many romance titles that aired this year, its wholesomeness really sets it apart from others in my opinion. Here, the focal point of the story is about finding a concrete way to form a safe space for the two of them. It’s simplistic in a way, but also teaches us that creating that safe space is all about being honest to one’s vulnerabilities. It also entails understanding your partner, as well as being side by side at times when they need company the most.

When I first started out Insomniacs After School, I was initially drawn to its astronomy club setting. But as the episodes progressed, it dawned on me that the astronomy club was also a metaphor for Ganta and Nakami’s partnership. They started out as nobodies, just like how the club was abandoned. But then they met each other, did some hilarious shenanigans and explored sights at night, just like how the club is all about exploring the beauty of the celestial bodies.

In short, I think that Insomniacs After School was truly the “sleeper hit” of this season. It’s a gentle reminder for all of us that in a romantic partnership, an extraordinary circumstance is not needed. Instead, what matters most is how you resonate with one another and understand each other’s vulnerabilities.

HULU is streaming Insomniacs After School outside of Asia, while Bilibili and Muse Asia are airing it in Asia, excluding Japan.

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