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Isekai Yakkyoku Gets First Trailer, Anime Set to Air in 2022

The previously announced Isekai Yakkyoku anime adaptation is set to start airing later this year and a first trailer has been revealed. Studio diomedéa is animating the adaptation.

Keizo Kusakawa (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A`s) is directing, with Mayuko Matsumoto on character designs. Wataru Watari will be overseeing series composition.

In addition to the trailer, the voice actor for Isekai Yakkyoku’s main character has been revealed. Aki Toyosaki(known for voicing Yui Hirasawa in K-On! franchise) will be voicing Falma de Medici. The official character art is now also available:

Isekai Yakkyoku (translated as Parallel World Pharmacy) is based on a light novel written by Rizu Takayama and illustrated by keepout. The novel was originally published on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website but was picked up by Media Factory’s MF Bunko imprint in 2016. A manga adaptation by Sei Takano is being serialized in ComicWalker magazine. Neither has been licensed in English.

The story follows a modern-day Japanese pharmacologist, who dies and gets reincarnated in another world. He is now Falma de Medici, a son of a famous family of court apothecarists. This new world doesn’t really appreciate science and is filled with witchcraft and weird concoctions meant to cure diseases. But, Falma has a secret weapon. When he died he gained an ability that allows him to see all matter. Armed with his cheat skill, he makes the most of his powers by opening an apothecary where he sells all kinds of medicine to help people of the kingdom cure their ailments.

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