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Ishura Releases Special Program Featuring Yuki Kaji Ahead of January Premiere

The upcoming Ishura anime series released a special YouTube program ahead of its January premiere date. The program called “Challenge The Strongest” was broadcast to start the countdown of the first episode airing on January 3. The program stars the cast of the Ishura as they attempt to challenge the “strongest” in the world. The first episode features Kaji Yuki, the voice of the main character, Soujiro Yagyu, as he attempts to be the strongest by challenging three World Guinness Records. Fans can watch the special program on KADOKAWA’s official YouTube channel. The next episode of this program will air on December 26.

“Challenge The Strongest” 1st episode ft. Kaji Yuki

Ishura is a light novel series written by Keiso. It was first published on two self-publishing websites for novels, Kakuyomu and Shosetsuka ni Narou, before being acquired by ASCII Media Works. Under ASCII Media Works, the series was then published alongside illustrations by Kureta. Besides the upcoming anime adaptation, the light novel has also inspired a manga adaptation written and illustrated by Meguri. The manga is published by Kodansha and is serialized in its Monthly Shounen Magazine.

The Ishura anime series is directed by Yuki Ogawa (FLCL Progressive) with Takeo Takahashi (Spice and Wolf) as the chief director. The script is written by Kento Inohara with Yuko Kikuchi and Yakatsura Takashina as the character designers. The animation for the series is produced by Passione (Spice and Wolf) with Sanzigen (Balck Rock Shooter) in charge of the CG animation for the series. The series begins airing on January 3.

Yen Press has licensed the light novel series for English publication. On October 2023, the company also published an audiobook under Yen Audio. Yen Press has described the series as:
In a world where the Demon King has died, a host of demigods capable of felling him have inherited the world. A master fencer who can figure out how to take out their opponents with a single glance; a lancer so swift they can break the sound barrier; a wyvern rogue who fights with three legendary weapons at once; an all powerful wizard who can speak thoughts into being; an angelic assassin who deals instant death. Eager to attain the title of “True Hero,” these champions each pursue challenges against formidable foes and sparks conflicts among themselves. The battle to determine the mightiest of the mighty begins.

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