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Japan Is Working On Cyborg Cockroaches

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So scientists at the Digital Nature Group presented their new project, which is making cyborg cockroaches to help humanity. Now, as your typical anime fan who watched Terra Formars, I immediately thought about the potential downfall of our species. However, here’s how they described the “Calmbots”:

Calmbots are a new interface that possesses living creature traits such as mobility, self-maintanence, and latent ability. By controlling multiple cockroaches with electrical stimulation, you can use them as a pixel-like display, to carry an object, or hold a pen to draw a line

Here’s the video of what they can do:

The idea is for the cyborg cockroaches to: “In the future, they’ll appear out of nowhere without us recognizing it, fulfilling its task and then hiding.”

Cyborg Cockroaches - screenshot

We all know the worst case scenario – years pass by, they get smarter than us, humans ended. In the Terra Formars show I mentioned (back in 2016), humanity tried to colonize Mars with cockroaches’ corpses (if I remember correctly). However, the insects mutated instead, and our species learns the horror of this 500 years later. Was a pretty interesting show, though I only watched the anime and am yet to check out the manga.

All jokes aside, it’s an impressive feat, so let’s hope it doesn’t have an ending from a fictional story!

Source: Digital Nature Group Website & YouTube Channel
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