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Japanese Singer/Voice Actress Sayaka Kanda Passes Away at 35

On December 18, the Japanese singer/voice actress Sayaka Kanda passed away at the age of 35. The cause of her death was due to falling from the upper floor of a hotel in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. The officials found the late artist covered in blood lying in an outdoor space on the 14th floor. She was taken to the hospital unconscious, but was later confirmed dead. The Hokkaido police are still investigating the details and the possibility she attempted suicide by jumping.

The official website of the late artist kindly asks the media to refrain from interviewing relatives and publishing articles based on speculation.

Sayaka Kanda was a Japanese actress, singer, and voice actress. She was the only child of the actor Masaki Kanda and Japanese idol, Seiko Matsuda. In May 2017, Sayaka announced her marriage to the Japanese actor and model Mitsu Murata. Two years later, the couple announced their divorce.

In 2002, she made her debut as a singer with the song “Eversince“. The following year, she made her debut as an actress in the film, Dragon Head. As a voice actress, she debuted as Nadeshiko Adenokouji from Good Luck Girl!. Sakaya is well-known for dubbing Anna from Disney’s Frozen. As a result, she won the Best Actress in leading role award for the said character. She also voiced Yuna from Sword Art Online and Mana Nagase from Idoly Pride.

The late artist was also the vocalist of the Trustrick, a Japanese anisong duo. They performed the opening themes of Ore Monogatari, Unlimited Fafnir, Maid Boy, and the third season of Danganronpa.

Source: Yahoo Japan News

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