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JujuFes 2021: Special Jujutsu Kaisen Event set for June

The official website for “Jujutsu Kaisen” announced that the special JujuFes 2021 event will be held on June 13 at the Lilia Cultural Center in the Saitama prefecture. The anime adaptation of Akutami Gege’s manga of the same name just recently ended, boosting the sales by over 4 times! There is also a special visual for the upcoming event. Check that out below:

The event will be available through paid streaming platforms. In addition, some of the people who purchase the first Blu-ray/DVD package will have the chance to be chosen to enjoy it live. Some of the voice cast will be present as well, and limited edition items will be sold. There might also be some announcements for the franchise.

The manga has exceeded 40 million circulating copies recently. That’s about 470% of the 8.5 million it had in October 2020, which is when the anime began. There is also a movie coming Winter 2022, which has been officially announced. It will cover Volume 0, which focuses on Yuta Okkotsu. It’s another student of Gojo who he thinks has the potential to catch up to him. Just like with the TV anime season, MAPPA will be handling the animation for the film.

JujuFes 2021 will happen in June this year, so let’s look forward to any potential Jujutsu Kaisen announcements and news!

Source: Official Twitter

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