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Jujutsu Kaisen: Both Opening And Ending Songs Reach Huge Numbers On YouTube

Attention has gone away from Jujutsu Kaisen recently a bit, but its opening and ending songs are still going very strong. Titled “Kaikai Kitan” and performed by Eve, the OP song has already surpassed 15 million views on YouTube. It’s the official upload on TOHO’s channel, and you can listen to it again below:

The anime has been one of the most interesting ones this season. Gojou’s eye reveal was probably the highlight as it got the show trending worldwide and was especially talked about. The latest few episodes have been a bit less tense, although the tone has remained serious and it seems like something big is coming soon. It will be exactly half-way done next week, with new OP and ED expected, so looking forward to the next few episodes.

Speaking of EDs, the current ending song, titled “Lost in Paradise” and performed by ALI feat. AKLO, is also enjoyed by many fans. The official upload is over 9 million views on YouTube, and you can also listen to that:

Besides having awesome opening and ending songs, Jujutsu Kaisen is also helping MAPPA get recognition. Although it’s currently only one of their trending shows. The final season of Attack on Titan recently premiered, and it also quickly got trending with fans! In addition, they also did Dorohedoro and The God of High School this year, both of which were praised for their great animation. Studio MAPPA doing some amazing work!!

Source: TOHO Official YouTube Channel

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