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Junichi Suwabe to Go on a Hiatus Starting January 1

Japanese voice actor Junichi Suwabe announced on his Ameblog that he will be taking a break from work activities starting January 1, 2024. The voice actor revealed on his official blog that he will be on a hiatus for approximately two to three weeks to undergo surgery as urged by his doctor. While he did not disclose the reason for the surgery, Suwabe assured his fans that he is not facing any issues with work or daily life. Rather, he only seeks to address any potential causes for concerns, no matter how minor.

Suwabe will not be able to attend the Premier Music Reading Theater VOICARION XVII: Shield of the Spoon that is anticipated to take place on January 6 and 7 at Sankei Hall Breeze in Osaka. Koichi Yamadera (Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop) will take Suwabe’s place instead.

As Suwabe’s hiatus officially begins on January 1, he will fulfill his commitments for the remainder of 2023, including appearances in the Tokyo performance of the VOICARION reading drama and Jump Festa 2024. The voice actor concluded his blog post by requesting fans to refrain from posting excessive concerns or engaging in negative speculation on social media.

Junichi Suwabe is a Japanese voice actor who is currently affiliated with Haikyo. Suwabe’s distinct voice is best recognized as Ryomen Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen, Yami Sukehiro from Black Clover, and Victor Nikiforov from Yuri!!! on Ice, Grimmjow Jaegerjacquez from Bleach, and numerous other iconic characters.

Source: Junichi Suwabe’s Official Blog

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