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Kakushigoto Episode 9 Screenshots&Synopsis

(Thumbnail via TV Anime Kakushigoto Official Website)

TV Anime Kakushigoto released screenshots, synopsis, and staff of the 9th episode on the official website.

Kakushigoto Episode 9 “Your Lie in December” Synopsis
It is December. A test for manga artists has arrived, called Year-End Progression. Owing to their editorial departments going on year-end and new year holidays, it is a tough period that their deadlines are forwarded. That being said, the members of Goto Pro are filled with motivation. It is because they want to have a blast at a gorgeous year-end party hosted by their publisher company. At a later date, Kakushi receives a shocking word from Tomaruin during a meeting. “To reduce costs, there won’t be a party this year”… Seeing his assistants being in high spirits, Kakushi is still unable to let himself bring out the truth…

Kakushigoto Episode 9 Staff
Script Writer: Aoshima Takashi
Story Board Artist: Mankyuu
Story Board Helper: Iijima Manami
Episode Director: Awai Shigeki
Animation Director: Kobayashi Ichizou

Notice: The Episode Title “Your Life in December” is official..

Kakushigoto is available on Funimation (Banner image via Kodansha Comics)

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Via – Kakushigoto: My Dad’s Secret Ambition -Kodansha Comics

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