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Kimizero Anime Releases First Trailer

The upcoming Keiken Zumi na Kimi to, Keiken Zero na Ore ga, Otsukiai suru Hanashi (Kimizero) TV anime revealed its first trailer on Friday, along with a 2023 premiere.

Kimizero – anime trailer

Studio ENGI is animating the series with Hideaki Ooba as the director. Hiroko Fukuda is supervising the series composition and Yousuke Ito is on the character designs. Saori Onishi is voicing the main heroine Runa Shirakawa while Natsuki Hanae voices Ryuto Kashima. The series previously revealed a teaser and Christmas visual.

The anime is based on the Keiken Zumi na Kimi to, Keiken Zero na Ore ga, Otsukiai suru Hanashi (Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me) light novel with the same title written by Makiko Nagaoka and illustrated by Magako. Fujimi Shobo’s Fujimi Fantasia Bunko is serializing the series since September 2020 and currently has 7 volumes in circulation. Square Enix’s Gangan Online web service is publishing the manga adaptation by Noyama Carpaccio and was launched in February 2022.

Kimizero follows the story of a high schooler named Ryuuto Kashima. He is forced to admit his feelings for Runa Shirakawa, a popular female high school student. For an unexpected reason, they go out on a date, but things take a turn when Ryuuto learns that a handsome soccer club member admitted his feelings for Runa as well. All of a sudden, Runa pulls Ryuuto into the room and presents to the suitor that she is dating someone.

Source: Official Twitter
© Makiko Nagaoka, magako / KADOKAWA / Kimizero Production Committee

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