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Kiyoyuki Yanada, Known as Tessai in Bleach, Passes Away

Voice actor Kiyoyuki Yanada, known for his roles as Takenori Akagi in Slam Dunk anime and Tessai Tsukabishi in Bleach series, passed away this year, his friend Mitsuaki Madono revealed on Monday without mentioning the specific date. Kiyoyuki Yanada was born on May 10, 1965.

My friend Kiyoyuki Yanada-kun passed away,” Mitsuaki Madono, known as the voice actor of Kon in Bleach and Issei Ryudo in Fate franchise, said on his Twitter page on Monday. In the tweet, he continues to reveal why he announced the passing of the voice actor: “Because of him being a freelance [voice actor] and the wish of his wife, on her behalf, allow me to announce [his passing] to everyone involved in the voice talent industry and also every one of his fans. I still can’t believe it even after I had the opportunity of offering incense to and mourning for him, but I offer my heartfelt prayer for his soul to rest in peace,” the voice actor concludes with his condolences for the passing of his friend.

Voice actor Mitsuaki Madono announced his friend, voice actor Kiyoyuki Yanada’s passing on Monday

Yanada was born on May 10, 1965. He also voiced Andreas Darlton in Code Geass, Shuu Aozaki in Durarara, and many more. He has been active since 1980s.

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