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KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 10 - ManBearPig's Wedding

We’ve learned a lot from the KonoSuba gang over the years. But in KonoSuba season 3 episode 10, we’ve learned the most important lesson so far. What’s that lesson you ask? Take a note from Vanir and make sure to never do a business transaction on equal footing. If you have the emotional advantage, you’re in for a hefty payday.

How Did We Get Here?

As Aqua and Megumin go on the warpath to try and rescue the now-engaged Lalatina, they fail at every turn. Those two are pretty much showing how not to rescue someone. And to add to the friction that the group is facing is the fact that Crapuma seems to be unbothered by it all. But, when he’s pressed on the issue, we see his desperation. For once, he’s backed into a corner he doesn’t know how to wiggle free from.

And as Kazuma begins to give in to hopelessness, much like someone who’s just eaten their 16 hot pocket, Vanir shows up to save the day. But, whenever a devil or demon shows up to save the day, it’s gonna cost you. Vanir was waiting for this very moment just so he could buy all of Kazuma’s ideas on the cheap.

While that may seem like a low blow, don’t forget that Vanir can read Kazuma’s mind. He could easily just steal his ideas, so paying for them is still a respectable move. With the payment that he’ll give him, Kazuma will have enough money to pay off Lalatina’s debt.

A debt that she has because of them. Their defeat of the Destroyer and flooding of the town bankrupted the Dustiness family, who through those events helped the townsfolk in repair and survival. But, since they ran out of cash, they appealed to Lord Three Hundred Pounds of Chunk. If they defaulted in their payments, Lalatina was gonna get the walking manatee’s meat stick. And by default, they did.

Beautiful Day for a Wedding

As Lalatina resigns herself to her fate and gets that “NTR face” as she walks to the alter, it seems like all hope is lost. Nothing she can do can save her from the fact that she’s about to marry someone who’s half man, half bear, and half pig. A pigbearman, bearpigman, pigmanbear can’t remember what it’s called, but the situation is super surreal.

But at the very last moment, she’s saved by a disguised Aqua and Kazuma, causing the usually headstrong Lalatina to burst into tears. And given that Megumin is nowhere to be seen, someone’s about to get bombed.

KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 10 – Wrap-Up

We’re one episode away from season 3’s finale, and seeing how there’s a dragon in the intro, we can guess where this is going. Why does KonoSuba always have so few episodes? Life’s too dreary to have so little of something that brings such joy. Now, there are two options ahead of the KonoSuba gang: pay what Darkness owes and resolve this amicably. FAT chance of that happening. The key word there is FAT. So, the only option to escape is, well, escape. And with the finale just a day away, there’s no reason to keep you here. Let’s double back next week when we can really dive into the rescue.

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