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KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 6 - Peak Performance

Some moments really do transcend the ability of man. When a task is carried out so eloquently, beautifully, and gracefully, it leaves one at a loss for words. KonoSuba Season 3 episode 6 was the embodiment of this. After a punch to the face and a humiliating night, Kazuma teams up with Eris to steal the castle’s divine treasure in the most glorious ways.

Divine Treasures: How Bad Are They?

As far as Chris is concerned, Iris’ necklace is a no-go because it allows the person using it to kill the person they switched with. In turn, this allows that person to gain a new body. Theoretically, this can lead to immortality. But if the worst thing you can imagine using that necklace for is the occasional murder and assault, your imagination is dull and your heart lacks hate.

Let me show you one way that necklace could really be a pain. Say you’re in a country that’s on the edge. Ethnic/political violence is rampant, but cooler heads have prevailed. Those cooler heads have kept the situation from descending into chaos. All you’d need to do to derail that peace would be to switch with any leaders who have exercised restraint. Once you’re in their body, you stoke the flames of hatred or order an attack. And with that, you’d get anything from large-scale skirmishes, insurgencies, civil war, or, if you really pushed the button, crimes against humanity. Kazuma, upon realizing that the divine treasure Iris has can cause a lot of damage and fearing for her well-being, agrees to help Chris.

Kazuma = #1

What moments can be called epitomes of the strength of the human spirit? Maybe it’s Diego Maradona yeeting a football towards a goal with his hand and telling the British to sod off. Perhaps it’s Steve Bradbury getting first place in the 2002 Olympics after everyone else self-destructed. Anyone can get far with hard work, but only the truly talented can win at life with minimal effort. Kazuma knows this. Kazuma embodies this.

As Chris and Kazuma sneak into the castle, they do a crap job at it. You would expect a team composed of a master thief and someone with the lurk skill to infiltrate a position with ease, but that’s not the case as they’re easily spotted. Who’s at fault for that? Was it Kazuma for getting frisky with Chris? Or was it Chris for so loudly objecting? Who knows.

Either way, they’re forced to begin a mad rush into Iris’ room. And even from the get-go, they do a solid job of fending off their attackers. But, soon it appears that they have been trapped. Seeing little hope of completing the mission, Chris tells Kazuma to retreat. But spurred on by thoughts of Iris, Kazuma claims to be in top condition and charges their would-be captors.

Kazuma unleashes the most dazzling display of dominance we’ve ever seen in this show. With drain touches and takedowns popping up nearly as fast as it takes Taco Bell to run through a person. Like him or not, one has to admit Kazuma is pretty capable when he needs to be. Even as Mitsuri heroically challenges him. He pulls a feint and waterboards him with such ease that somewhere, a CIA agent took notes of that spectacle.

When You Commit Crime, Darkness Lies Ahead

With the whole of the castle’s defenses, knights, and a legendary hero doing little to stop Kazuma, he and Chris manage to make a beeline to Iris’ room. For the first time that night, they run into an actual problem. As Kazuma throws open the door to Iris’ room, he’s greeted by none other than Darkness. This little hick-up causes him and Chris to momentarily retreat.

I get that this was due to fear of being discovered. But, given her proclivities, Darkness is pretty easy to win against in a 1-1 fight. To their luck, the rest of the KonoSuba gang does little to stop them, and they manage to complete their objective and escape. But that victory is short-lived as they still get an earful from Darkness later.

KonoSuba Season 3 Episode 6: Comments and Wrap-Up

As the episode ends, Darkness informs the princess why her stuff was stolen. No one seems to question how she has this knowledge. And much to Kazuma’s pain, they end up back at Axel, wishing for a more luxurious life. Here, we see that Princess Iris knows who the thieves are and is hoping for a romantic reunion one day with her beloved Oni-chan.

KonoSuba has long made Kazuma the butt of their jokes. Yet, for the most part, the fandom has long argued that he’s the most capable in the party. But to see it so vividly was so gratifying. His unwillingness to help or fight when it doesn’t lead to any rewards for him may be seen as cowardly by the high and mighty. There’s nothing wrong with keeping yourself safe. Evolutionarily speaking, that’s what you’re supposed to do.

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