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Kuso Miso Technique Anime Gets Key Visual, April 2024 Release Date

Shin Yaranai ka, the anime adaptation of Junichi Yamakawa’s Kuso Miso Technique yaoi manga, by Anime Tokyo will premiere on April 1, 2024. The anime will be ‘suitable for all ages‘ and will have a ‘medium-length‘ runtime, incorporating elements from Yamakawa’s other works. Shin Yaranai ka also revealed a key visual:

Shin Yaranai ka key visual

The main cast consists of Yoshiro Sasaki and Sorate, who will voice Takakazu Abe and Masaki Michishuta, respectively. Sachimo Sima will also be making an appearance as Echigoya. The initial staff list is:

  • Original Work: Junichi Yamakawa
  • Director: Maki Ito
  • Screenplay: Ikansoku
  • Screenplay Cooperation: Taiten Kawakami
  • Production: Anime Tokyo
  • Original Work Cooperation: CYZO Inc., Bungaku Ito

Junichi Yamakawa’s one-shot manga Kuso Miso Technique debuted in 1987 in Daini Shobo’s Barazoku magazine. The manga picked up fame over a decade later in the 2000s after the iconic phrase from the manga, “Yaranaika?” which translates to “You wanna do it?” went viral as an internet meme. The phrase was said by Takakazu as he exposed himself to Masaki. Masaki, who was attracted to Takakazu, accepted Takakazu’s advance and they went on to have intercourse in a nearby toilet.

The Shin Yaranai ka anime adaptation was initially launched as a crowdfunding effort in April 2023 through an unofficial trailer made by Shin Yaranai ka‘s now-director Maki Ito (who goes by Yoshiro Sasaki and also Pierre Ito for voice acting work), which can be viewed below:

Shin Yaranai ka trailer

Shin Yaranai ka‘s synopsis from the official website is:
Cram school student Masaki Michishita is sprinting at full speed towards the restroom in the park when his eyes spot the figure of hottie Takakazu Abe sitting on a bench. Their gazes meet. Abe calls out to Michishita “Shall we do it?” and invites him to the restroom. Unable to resist a hottie, Michishita readily follows…and so the two’s big adventure begins!

“Yaranaika?” Meme

Source: Official Website
© Junichi Yamakawa / Anime TOKYO / Maki Ito

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