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KYOMAF Reveals Collaboration Visuals With Bleach, Tokyo Revengers and More

The upcoming KYOMAF: KYOTO INTERNATIONAL MANGA ANIME FAIR 2022 revealed 5 collaboration visuals for the upcoming 2-day event which will take place on September 17-18. The visuals include characters from BLEACH (Thousand-Year Blood War), Tokyo Revengers, Bocchi the Rock!, A Couple of Cuckoos, but also a Senbonzakura visual with Vocaloids Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, and Kagamine Rin. Merch featuring the visuals will also be available.

This year’s KYOMAF will have 19 panels dedicated to anime and manga, including those dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Fate/Grand Order, and My Hero Academia. Jun Fukuyama, who voiced Lelouch in the Code Geass franchise, and Maaya Uchida have been appointed as the event’s ambassadors. A visual featuring  Kyoto City’s mascot, Kyono Tsukasa, drawn by Akane Minamioka, a Kyoto Seika University graduate, was also revealed previously:


The KYOMAF 2022 event is taking place at Miyako Messe Exhibition Center and the theme is “Kyoto as an art and culture destination.” Tickets will be on sale until August 25 and more information can be found on the official website.

Source: Press Release
Featured Image: © TITE KUBO / SHUEISHA, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot; Bocchi the Rock! © Aki Hamaji / Houbunsha, Aniplex; A Couple of Cuckoos © Miki Yoshikawa / Kodansha / A Couple of Cuckoos Production Committee; Miku, Len, Rin © White Flame, Crypto Future Media; Tokyo Revengers © Ken Wakui, Kodansha / Tokyo Revengers Production Committee

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