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Lady Nagant Shines in Her My Hero Academia Season 6 Debut

My Hero Academia Season 6 episode 20 aired on Saturday introducing us to one of the fanbase’s favorite side characters in Lady Nagant. While the episode itself was less of a setup episode and more so of a way to give viewers a new feel on what society has become, the action we received at the very end between Deku and Lady Nagant left plenty to be excited for.

Lady Nagant’s Debut

Lady Nagan’t debut is one of the better-executed villain reveals in the entire series of My Hero Academia and this episode did a great job of building up to her entrance. The use of other powerful heroes talking about how formidable she is. Deku’s internal monologue and recounting those descriptions of her. And her first encounter with All For One, who praised her, were all elements that made her debut incredible. When Deku says to himself with emphasis “Lady Nagant!” with a lower shot looking up, giving her the presence of a force to be reckoned with, it really solidified a great debut.

Lady Nagant is a refreshing take on female characters in the entire world of My Hero Academia so far. While Mirko filled that vacant role earlier in the season for the hero’s side, it’s interesting to see the villains flip that script and bring out their own bad-ass female character. Lady Nagant doesn’t give an eerie presence as Toga does nor is she a bubbly teenager with idealistic hopes and dreams. She’s a former hero that turned traitor and is currently Deku’s biggest threat since facing Shigaraki earlier in the season. On top of that, she has the intent to kill, making her a perfect matchup for Deku who is currently battling the idea of killing someone to save them. As I said regarding Twice and Hawks earlier this season, the most interesting characters are the ones who walk the long fence between villain and hero and Lady Nagant is also one who exceptionally fulfills that role.

The Current State of Heroes

While many of us thought that this episode would fully be about Deku and Lady Nagant’s battle, the first half of the episode focused a lot on the state of the country as it begins to crumble. I don’t think the scenes with Endeavor in this are all that necessary in the first place. It’s established that the heroes are currently fighting a losing battle against both the villains and how society sees them. We caught a great sense of that towards the end of the last arc and here it feels like an unnecessary reminder that the citizens don’t trust the heroes anymore.

The only well-displayed part of this whole showcase reminding us is when Deku saves the citizen at the beginning of the episode. It provided a nice sense of duality. While the top three heroes are taking people out, Deku is trying to be the peacekeeper in everything with the least amount of violence possible. Sometimes I think it’s kind of odd given how dark his new design is, added on top of the dark setting that covers the entire country now, but it wouldn’t be Deku if he didn’t stay true to his belief of what a hero is supposed to be. And that’s one thing that separates him from everyone else and why he’s gaining the respect of the strongest heroes, including Endeavor himself.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20

Episode 20 of My Hero Academia Season 6 didn’t leave much to talk about given that Lady Nagant and Deku’s fight just started and we still have much to learn about Lady Nagant’s past. However, this has been a fantastic start overall to the Dark Hero Arc of the story and the new tone of the series can be felt to its core. It’s a feeling unbeknownst to the anime-only fandom of My Hero Academia and it’s glorious to finally watch it coming to life.

Episode 20 rating: 9/10
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