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Laureley's "Meritocracy" From SakoKoi Full Version and MV Released

With episodes 9 and 10 of Whisper Me A Love Song delayed until June 22 and 29, and the air dates of the remaining episodes in the air, one may need a little sprinkling of yuri to get through the wait. While it’s clear that the show’s visual production has been going through a rough patch as of late, that’s not true for the songs featured in the show.

Production issues happen, but waiting for them to be sorted out sucks. So, if you need something to hold you over until then, you’re in luck – Sui Mizukami, the singing voice behind Shiho Izumi, has released the full version of Laureley’s “Meritocracy” on her official YouTube channel.

Laureley’s “Meritocracy” full version courtesy of Sui Mizukami

Featured as an insert song in episode 7, “Meritocracy” was Shiho Izumi’s song against the series’ main band, SSGirls (of which the show’s MC, Yori Asanagi, handles guitar and vocals). The song’s powerful, slightly distorted, intro, hair-raising drum line, and angst-ridden lyrics carried by Shiho’s (Sui Mizukami) vocals would be at home on a Threshold album. And it made as much of an impact on the fictional crowd of Whisper Me A Love Song as it did on the viewers of the show.

“Meritocracy” was produced by Motoki Yamaguchi, and the music video for the song includes JOHN as its director and illustrator. It had Fortississimo Inc. handle the production. The song’s lyrics perfectly capture the result-driven personality of Shiho and the pain her musical pursuits have caused her. Of note is that the character of Shiho Izumi shares two VAs: Yuuna Nemoto as her talking voice and Sui Mizukami as her singing voice.

Currently streaming on HIDIVE, the anime adaptation of Whisper Me A Love Song by Eku Takeshima is being animated by studios Cloud Hearts and Yokohama Animation Laboratory, with Akira Mano serving as the show’s director.

The story follows Himari Kino and Yori Asanagi and explores how love can bloom in the most unconventional of ways. For them, this happened as Yori took to the stage to fill in on vocal/guitar duties for SSGirls, delivering a performance so captivating it enchanted Himari, who rushed to confess to Yori that she fell in love at first sight with her performance and band. But, through a misunderstanding, Yori believed that the confession was a romantic one and soon found herself head-over-heels for Himari. As the two navigated their newfound feelings and admiration, a much deeper feeling begins to bear fruit.

Source: Sui Mizukami Official YouTube Channel
© Eku Takeshima / Ichijinsha / Whispering Love Production Committee

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