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League of Legends Releases Animated Music Video for Star Guardian Theme Song

The popular online multiplayer game League of Legends released an animated music video for the theme song of its new Star Guardian event. The song is titled “Everything Goes On”, produced and sung by American DJ/singer Porter Robinson. The music video focuses on themes of grief and loss, as it places the characters Kai’Sa and Xayah in the main roles as they learn how to overcome the loss of the people closest to them.

The music video for “Everything Goes On” by Porter Robinson – official theme song for League of Legends’ new Star Guardian event

In an interview with Billboard, Porter Robinson said that the inspiration for the song comes from his enjoyment of the League of Legends’ lore and gameplay, as well as watching the animated series Arcane, which recently received two nominations at the Emmy Awards – “Outstanding Animated Program” and “Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama Series and Animation”.

I’d spent so much time in their world over the last couple of years, and I’ve just really, really valued it. I know all the memes and inside jokes; you know how those things have a way of creeping into the way you relate to others? I think one cool way that I can contribute to this world is trying to make the sort of thing I would want to see as a fan of these characters.”

Statement from Porter Robinson (via Billboard)

This was not the first time Porter Robinson delved into an animated music video production. In 2016, Robinson announced that his single “Shelter”–produced alongside French DJ and producer Madeon–is getting an anime music video, animated by A-1 Pictures. It was released on October 18, 2016, in partnership with Crunchyroll.

Everything Goes On” is the latest addition to Robinson’s discography, following the release of his second studio album “Nurture” in April 2021. He is known for his debut studio album Worlds, released in 2014, as well as the extended playlist “Spitfire” from 2011. He has also ventured into other music project ventures, including Virtual Self in 2017 and more recently Air2Earth, which is only played during his live sets.

The Star Guardian is based on an alternative universe within the League of Legends storyline, where the playable characters are modeled after magical anime girl tropes, much like those of Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon. It also depicts the characters trying to balance their school-hero life. Riot Games launched an event, which is styled after visual novels, on July 14. The event is set to end on August 15 this year. Within this timeframe, players can complete missions related to this alternative universe and play using Star Guardian in-game skins.

Source: League of Legends YouTube channel, Billboard

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