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LiSA: Crossing Field Crosses 60 Million Views On YouTube

Call me a simp or whatever, but I really love reporting stuff about LiSA. She announced her new album LEO-NiNE recently, which premieres on October 14. She was also recently featured in Sony’s headphone commercial with her one-take version of Gurenge. A lot of recent fans found out about her because of the huge hit that was Demon Slayer and everything related to it. However, most of the Sword Art Online fans fell in love with her back in 2012. That’s when the first OP song for the show premiered, called Crossing Field.

The official YouTube version was uploaded 3 years later, on January 26, 2015. It has now passed 60 MILLION views on the platform, and you can check the video out below:

Official video of LiSA performing Crossing Field

No part of the thumbnail used is owned by us and belongs to the respected copyright holders. The left part is the official visual from Season 1 (might also be 2). You can see the right part in its full glorious beauty:

© LiSA / Aniplex Inc. / Sony Music

To add some words for reasons, it’s always nice to see LiSA getting more love. She definitely deserves it and I look forward to hearing a lot more of her, either in anime related singles or something completely unrelated. She’s one of my favorite singers-songwriters and I can’t wait for October and her new album to release. Also she is married.

[Source: LiSA Official YouTube Channel, Sony Music]

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