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LiSA’s Homura Wins Song of the Year in Japan

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LiSA’s song for the Demon Slayer movie is receiving even more awards! We all know how many achievements LiSA’s made this year and on December 30, 2020, it got another one! LiSA’s Homura won the Grand Prix of the 62nd Japan Record Awards (Song of the Year) which is the top honor of the Japanese music industry! Previously the song achieved over 100 million plays on YouTube only and dominated the Oricon weekly ranking! It also set a new record for the song which reached 100 million plays overall in the shortest time beating the last record holder, BTS, and their song Dynamite!

LiSA's Homura Song of the Year
LiSA performing Homura at the award ceremony (via Oricon)

Congratulations to LiSA for all the hard work! Let’s all hope that she will keep producing more and more hit songs and great anime opening/ending themes that can get the Song of the Year title, just like Homura did. Needless to say, we really hope she will perform anime themes for any upcoming Demon Slayer projects. Her songs are extremely good and her style fits shows like Demon Slayer or Sword Art Online perfectly!

You can listen to LiSA’s Homura below:

Demon Slayer Infinite Train theme song – “Homura “by LiSA

Source: Oricon

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