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Look Forward To an Isekai Adventure at Cosplay Carnival 2023

Cosplay Carnival (CosCarni) 2023 is set to happen this April 1-2 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Philippines. It is the first event of the “Cosplay Mania” event series by Cosplay.ph. While the events last year centered on its post-pandemic passion-reigniting goals, this year’s theme is a playful isekai adventure that reincarnates CosCarni 2023 into magic — Re: born A Dragon. 

The anime and cosplay convention is sure to be another jam-packed place of fun, especially with its new games and lineups. Aside from its activities, CosCarni 2023 is also filled with exhibits with all things meant to “catch the best of everything related to Anime, Cosplay, Games, Collectibles, Virtual Idols, and J-Music at a Convention like no other.” See the official Cosplay Carnival 2023 visual below:

Cosplay Carnival Official Visual

Cosplay Carnival’s Guest of Honor

This year’s special guest is Kael Pk, an internationally recognized cosplayer and live streamer from Thailand who is most known for his Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night cosplays. His first appearance was at the Cosplay Mini Matsuri Online 2020 event, however, Cosplay Carnival 2023 will be his first live experience in the Philippines. Kael will be going as Gilgamesh from Fate on the first day and Cyno from Genshin Impact on the second day.

Kael also shared his greetings in a short video: “Hello everyone, this is Kael. I am really happy to be a Cosplay Guest at Cosplay Carnival. This is going to be my first time experiencing the Philippines. I have noticed that many of you guys have known me from my Fate cosplay so, with that being said, I will bring my Gilgamesh cosplay! I am really looking forward to meeting you all at the event. So, see you soon!”

Fans can buy Kael’s merch at the Cosshoppe booth and can also avail of the autograph signing and photograph sessions. The Meet and Greet Schedule on Day 1 will be from 1:30 -3:00 PM, while Day 2 will be from 1:30-3:00 PM and at 5:30- 6:30 PM. Kael will also have live stage appearances on both days at 3:15 PM.

Star Cosplayers at the All-Star Avenue

As always, All-Star Avenue will be featuring some of the most popular personalities in the Philippines’ cosplay scene. Visit each of their booths to interact, have photos, and buy merchandise. See the full list of All-Stars at Cosplay Carnival 2023 below:

Exciting Games, Contests, and Stage Events at CosCarni 2023

A convention is never complete without its live show and activities on the center stage. In line with the event’s theme, CosCarni 2023 has “Awe-inspiring activities, stage spectaculars and more await you in the adventure of a lifetime as you battle for the Argent Kingdom against the evil Tempest Empire!”

The games on Day 1 include Cosplay Karaoke (Anime Edition), Cosplay OTP, and Cluenami, while Day 2 will have Cosplay Karaoke (Mainstream Edition), Cosplay Dance Duet, and Trivia Throne Throwdown. Special events on both days include Kael Pk’s stage appearance, Frenemy Feud, Cosplay Auction, and the Crunchyroll Shinobi Showdown. The Genshin Impact cosplay contest by Razer will also take place on Day 1, while the Anime and Cosplay Expo Guest Announcement will take place on Day 2. Lastly, a Truck-kun photo op will be available by the entrance on both days. See the complete program schedule below: 

Map Guides for Your Full Convention Experience

For entering the SMX Convention Center, Premium Ticket Holders and Priority Lane have a designated entrance through the side entrance by the church while con-goers with standard tickets can enter through the front entrance by IKEA. Premium Ticket Holders have the privilege of entering the convention 15 minutes before the opening of the event to the public at 10:30 AM.

Roaming around Cosplay Carnival 2023 will be an exciting adventure with all the exhibits, fan fairs, stage activities, and the popular All-Star Avenue. See the complete CosCarni 2023 directory below:

Unfortunately, there will be no ticket booths onsite this Cosplay Carnival 2023. Ticketmax hosted the ticket selling online, which had the Standard/Regular Tickets for P399.00 per day and the Premium tickets/2-day pass for P1499.00. As of writing, Cosplay Carnival 2023 is officially sold out. For concerns about tickets, visit the Ticketmax site.

Conquer CosCarni 2023 With an Epic Side Quest

Another highlight of the convention is the “Cosplay Con-quest” where con-goers are given a map and an adventure journal (while supplies last.) The instructions are to find the 6 quest locations and complete all 6 stamps. When your quest is finished, a prize can be claimed at the management office. This includes early access to Anime and Cosplay Expo 2023 tickets and a Medallion of Magic. There will be other Medallions in ACX, Cosplay Mania, and Cosplay Matsuri 2023 and if you collect everything, you also unlock a special raffle with incredible prizes.

Meanwhile, the Blockbuster, Lifestyle, and Collectibles exhibits will have a wide array of anime, manga, gaming, and cosplay merchandise. Razer will be having its own activities with Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy, and Nikke. Crunchyroll will also have its own set of activities.

Ready To Get Isekai’d?

Cosplay Carnival (CosCarni) 2023 is just a few days away! The Isekai theme adventure is one to look out for. We don’t know the full story of it yet, but we’ll find out at CosCarni 2023. See you there!

For more information, such as baggage counter guidelines, code of conduct, and other event guidelines, visit the official Cosplay Mania socials and Cosplay.ph website.

Source: Official Cosplay.ph WebsiteOfficial Cosplay Mania FacebookTwitter
Disclaimer: Anime Corner is a Cosplay Carnival 2023 media partner.

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