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Magical Girl Magical Destroyers Has Been Green-lit for TV Anime

Magical Girl Magical Destroyers has received an update regarding its production details. The original anime by Jun Inagawa, who is an art and music creator, has said that Bibury Animation Studios will be animating the series. Furthermore, the anime has been green-lit to air on national television.

The new Key visual

If you didn’t know, Bibury Animation is known for producing shows such as The Quintessential Quintuplets∬, Grisaia: Phantom Trigger, and Azur Lane.

Also, you can watch a live-action teaser for the project below:

Live-Action Teaser

You can see a key visual featuring the main characters Hero Otaku and Magical Girl Anarchy below:

The previous key visual

In addition, Jun Inagawa will be credited for the story and original character designs that are based on his previous art projects. Also, he directed the live-action teaser above, while Ucary & the Valentine composed the music.

Jun Inagawa is famous for blurring the boundaries between different sub-cultures such as music and anime. He also collaborated with numerous apparel brands and musicians. Moreover, this will be his first project in which he was able to create what he “truly wanted to do.”

To know more about Magical Girl Magical Destroyers you can visit their official website here.

Also, to know more about Jun Inagawa you can check his official Twitter account here.

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