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Mahouka Pop-up Store Currently Open In Japan

“The Irregular at Magic High School” (Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei), or simply ‘Mahouka’, currently has a pop-up store open. It started on December 26, and will be open for a limited time (until January 11, 2021). Our awesome friends from Mipon also got the chance to visit, and they’ve sent some images directly from the store! The official visual for the store features Tatsuya and Miyuki:

They also advertise a lot of cool merchandise related to the franchise, including exclusive and newly drawn illustrations:

Now for the actual images from the scene. First off, there are life-size versions of Tatsuya and Miyuki from the visual!

Fans are instantly greeted by a ton of Mahouka content in the store. Just look at these:

There are shirts based on the other characters as well (though Miyuki again next to her brother):

Acrylic key-chains and stands:

More images from the store featuring content which I’m not even sure what it all is:

Huge thanks to Mipon for the awesome images, and check out their website for more content, especially on anime tourism! If anyone reading happens to be in Japan and a fan of Mahouka, this pop-up store seems like a great opportunity to appreciate the franchise a bit more!

Source: Official Website
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