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Man Broke Up With Girlfriend After She Threw Away His Nezuko Anime Figures

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Relationships should have understanding and respect to each other’s hobbies and passions. Not that I’m an expert, but something’s definitely right if your girlfriend just decides to destroy your years of effort. World of Buzz reported a story about a Taiwanese man whose girlfriend threw away ~$3420 worth of anime figures. He made a post on a Facebook group. Apparently, he was gone for 2 days, and when he came back, all of his Nezuko figures, which he worked hard for, were gone.

girlfriend threw away figures - Nezuko

He said he regards the character as his waifu, and he broke up with the girl following the event. In addition, he feels bad he previously tried to hide it and meet her requirements. “I didn’t care that you watched Korean dramas and swooning after the stars all the time, is it that difficult to just respect each others’ preferences?”

The girlfriend told him they were taking up too much space and that she threw away the figures to clear it. In his post, he also said that had already tried to cut on anime for her. He even missed the Demon Slayer: Infinity Train movie, which is currently trending in cinemas in his country.

The tragedy was already over by the time he returned. He tried calling the garbage disposal service, but the figures were already burned to nothing. However, he broke up with the girl and plans on suing her for compensation.

The most harmful sentence to come out of it all was “You otakus love that trash too much and it’s ridiculous.” Not sure how they got together if she thought this about his passion, but I definitely hope he gets fair compensation.

Source: World of Buzz, The group post
Thumbnail figure image via Official Demon Slayer Twitter
Anime images via Funimation stream

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