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Man Makes Nezuko's Box For Daughter, His Back Hurt Afterwards

A Twitter user shared an interesting story on the platform. Apparently, his daughter asked him to create Nezuko’s box from Demon Slayer, and so he decided to be an awesome dad and do it. You can see the tweet and images below:

The tweet roughly reads: “For the first time in a long time, my daughter asked me one thing: “Make me Nezuko-chan’s box. “Priceless. I do things without regard for money or time, and I try to be as close to the original design as possible. The space was built to be functional, practical, and robust. Ignoring my wife’s complaints, saying “Don’t go out like this! It’s embarrassing!”, we went for a walk around town. My daughter weighs 16 kilograms and my back hurt so much that I thought I was going to die. Tanjiro-kun is really amazing.

Every Demon Slayer knows Nezuko’s box, and this father made an adorable memory for his daughter. It also makes you wonder what it must feel like for Tanjiro!

The Demon Slayer anime returns today with the Mugen Train TV anime. The first episode will be an original, focusing on Rengoku on the day before the events of the movie. It will premiere in Japan at 23:15JST. Then there will be 6 episodes to cover the movie with new scenes and songs. On December 5, the Entertainment District Arc will begin, which will be the direct sequel to the movie’s events, and have Uzui lead the way against new challenges.

Source: Twitter
© Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha

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