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MAN WITH A MISSION to Perform Godzilla vs. Kong Film Theme song in Japan

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It’s been confirmed that the Japanese rock band MAN WITH A MISSION will perform a theme song for the Japanese version of the Godzilla vs. Kong film.

The film is available both theatrically and through HBO Max since March 24, 2021, but the Japanese release will premiere on May 14. The theme song titled “INTO THE DEEP” will be exclusive for the region.

You can see the Godzilla vs. Kong visual featuring MAN WITH A MISSION below:

MAN WITH A MISSION will perform theme song for Japanese release Godzilla vs. Kong film

The band is known in the anime community for its iconic anime openings. They have performed songs for series such as Seven Deadly Sins, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Raise Your Flag), Inuyashiki (My Hero), and many more.

The director of the movie, Adam Wingard, says “I’m thrilled that an inspiring song from a groundbreaking band like MAN WITH A MISSION will be playing alongside the battle in Godzilla vs. Kong.”

What’s more, you can watch the music video for their song titled “Seven Deadly Sins” below:

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Source: Eiga Natalie

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