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Masamune-kun Season 2 Episode 1 - A "Couple" From "Japon" in France

Episode 1 of Masamune-kun’s Revenge R (season 2) is finally out, after 6 long years. Masamune and Aki made their return after the cliffhanger of the first season finale in 2017. Looking back on the series, the first season ended with Masamune and Aki going to France for their school field trip. The episode started with the two of them and the gang, Commando, Otokonoko, Master, and Class Rep, arriving in France.

Masamune and the gang

I’m sure that fans who haven’t read the light novel or manga of Masamune-kun’s Revenge are still annoyed with Kanetsugu Gaso, who pretends to be Pig’s Foot and tries to steal Aki from Masamune. I am not a big fan of love drama of this kind, even when it’s more comedic in nature. Back to the topic, fans don’t need to worry about Kanetsugu in this episode because Aki clearly rejects him in front of Masamune.

For context, Kanetsugu tries to be with Aki all the time, especially during break times but Aki refuses and insists to go with Masamune. Although our protagonists are still not a couple, we can see in this episode that they have feelings for each other, but both are tsundere. Well, the kissing scene in episode 12 of the first season is still fresh but they are acting like nothing happened. However, we’re very sure the two started to become more intimate with each other after that particular scene.

Aki and Masamune

When you look at it, Masamune and Aki are very much acting like a couple in this episode. Aki wants the two of them to spend their time together alone as much as possible. As such, while in the middle of their usual “Lover’s Quarrel,” they met a French woman named Muriel Besson, whose dream is to become a manga artist. Incidentally, Masamune looks like Chikuwa-kun, the protagonist in the trial rom-com manga that Muriel made.

Muriel was really happy to meet them to the point that she can’t hide her accent because of her excitement, making her say the word “Japan” as “Japon“. The reason behind her happiness is that she needs to meet a high school couple from Japan to be an inspiration for her manga since the story she always makes is not fit for a Japanese rom-com story. Muriel wants to learn how a rom-com story works from the two of them and because of some certain circumstances, Aki and Masamune can’t just reject her, to the point that their life in France depends on it.

Muriel Besson

My favorite scene in this episode was when Aki told Muriel that when in rom-com, Japanese people just can’t tell their loved ones about their feelings that easily. Sometimes, they want to be honest, but they just can’t. Similarly, Masamune also told Muriel that, sometimes, their past is the reason why they can’t tell their real feelings. The scene was very hilarious because right after they said this, Muriel asked them if they are talking about themselves. Oh but well, another notable piece of information here is that a rom-com manga is already 80% finished if the protagonists are already a couple. The remaining 20% only holds teasing moments for the two of them. This is only according to Masamune because he loves rom-com manga, but I actually believe that this is true in reality.

This wraps up my review of Masamune-kun’s Revenge R (Season 2) episode 1. If you missed the anime after 6 years and you’re really happy that it’s back, you can vote for it in our Summer 2023 anime season weekly poll. We should expect more information about rom-com manga in the next episode since it looks like it will revolve around Masamune and Aki teaching Muriel on how to create one. The new episode will air on July 10, 2023.

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