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Mieruko-chan Digital Picture Book Introduces Scariest Ghosts

Mieruko-chan anime website revealed a picture book compiling all the scary-looking ghosts that appeared throughout season 1 of the series. Each ghost has its own entry and if they appeared more than once there is a photo gallery attached.

The official Twitter account also posted about the picture book:

Since Mieruko-chan anime ended, you can pass the time with the ghost picture book. The anime aired in the Fall 2021 season and ended after 12 episodes. Tomoki Izumi, the author of Mieruko-chan manga, recently posted on Twitter, advising fans on where to continue with the manga if they liked the anime. Season 2 hasn’t been announced yet.

Mieruko-chan is a Japanese horror-comedy manga series by Tomoki Izumi. Kadokawa Shoten started publishing it in November 2018. The manga is still ongoing and it currently has 6 volumes with 38 chapters available. Yen Press is also publishing Mieruko-chan manga series in English:

A normal girl was living a normal life until she wasn’t.
One day, she could see…everything. What’s a girl to do when hideous monsters appear no matter which way she turns?
And on top of that, nobody else can see them! Obviously, there’s only one thing that makes sense-ignore them.
Kinda hard to put theory into practice, though, when the ghosts know she’s watching…

Yen Press

Source: Mieruko-chan Official Website and Official Twitter

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