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Mob Psycho 100 III Continues To Impress With Its Depictions of Teenage Life and Adolescence

Mob Psycho 100 III is now well underway and as we expected, things are only now heating up and they are looking great. As the story unfolds we are constantly reminded of just how well-written the characters are. Mob’s adolescent troubles are in full blast: future career prospects and girls clash in his head as he is once again forced to save the world (well, Seasoning City at least). But, it’s not all so bad when you have friends to support you – or so it would seem.

Ekubo’s absence at the beginning of the season was properly documented and later explained. And as we know, the little spirit lets power get to his head and now he is forcing Mob to face the consequences of his past actions. Reigen, who really upped his mentoring skills in this season, allowed himself to get brainwashed and is useless (which is not a huge deviation from the usual). Everyone except Teru has been brainwashed by the power of the broccoli tree. However, until Mob meets up with him he will be all alone.

It’s the small things that really make Mob’s story shine. I was never the one for strict categorization when it comes to the audience but now that I’m watching Mob Psycho 100, I am forced to admit that this was indeed a manga aimed at a male audience. It captures the struggles of being a teenage boy very well and I am sure many viewers/readers out there were able to relate to Mob’s troubles. Even this specific moment in the anime (Mob being isolated and misunderstood) manages to highlight the loneliness of adolescence in a way that feels, to me at least, like it wouldn’t be as good if it weren’t written by someone who has experienced it firsthand. Nevertheless, it is still very enjoyable and I look forward to each new episode.

Story aside, the animation so far has also been top-notch. I previously mentioned that it felt like Mob was a passion project: the staff’s attention to detail and dedication are visible in nearly every scene. This has continued up until the fifth episode and it will only seemingly get better as we are now headed toward the big battle scenes.

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