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MULLET MADJACK Review - Mayhem in Retro Anime Style

MULLET MADJACK takes us to the 90’s, but not the 1990’s, the 2090’s. It’s an extremely fast-paced retro shooter that has us beat tens of floors to reach our objective. Jack is on a journey to save the most popular content creator in the world and get some new streetwear kicks for his trouble. Here’s our review of MULLET MADJACK.


The premise of the game is very simple. It’s the year 2090, when men and the Internet became one. This new being needs a dopamine hit every 10 seconds, or they will die. Superrich AI rules the world, and beings named Moderators are risking their 10 seconds of life to kill the rich AI robots, the Robilioners. We step into the shoes of MULLET MADJACK, a moderator, whose job is to save the most popular content creator in the world and get the prize.


As for gameplay, the game consists of 9 chapters, most of which include 10 randomly generated levels. Your health is represented in time, meaning you have 10 seconds of life. If you get hit, you have less time to live, but if you kill a Robilioner, you regain that time. MULLET MADJACK is a fast-paced shooter and you can’t take it slow unless you are playing on the first difficulty levels that leave more room for error. Depending on which mode you are playing in, damage varies, and so do the time you get for your kills.

Most of the chapters consist of 10 floors you need to traverse. You die, you go back to the first floor. In those terms, the game is like a short roguelike, where you get upgrades you can choose from after every floor. If you die, you go back to the first floor with no upgrades. Each chapter ends with a boss, then you can play the next chapter starting from 0 (no upgrades).

There is a considerable amount of upgrades. The only permanent ones are the ones you get after completing an entire chapter, and the upgrades that make your weapons stronger. The rest of them, like more time awarded for headshots, and less damage taken by environmental hazards, are temporary, meaning you lose them upon death or upon finishing the chapter.

As for gunplay, it’s amazing. To be completely honest, I tried every weapon available in the game but decided to stick to the fully upgraded handgun, which was just so fun to use. Various weapons give you various ways to handle situations, although it mostly is about how fast the gun, or a sword, allows you to kill the opponents standing in your way.

The only thing negative thing about the game I could say is that the levels aren’t that diversified. You basically run through around 80 randomly generated levels, but there isn’t much variety cause every level uses the same, limited assets. Each chapter introduces a new environmental hazard or a new enemy but in my opinion, it’s not enough to keep things fresh. To be completely honest, you beat each level in below a minute so it shouldn’t matter that much, but when you have just so many levels that you might replay due to dying, it get a little bit boring.

After finishing the game, you get access to the endless mode, which is the same as the main game, with the difference that you are just playing for the high score, instead of beating a set amount of levels.

The music fits the game incredibly well, as well as the art style which is just so beautiful and full of nostalgia. The vibes, the graphics, the design, every small thing screams “90’s”, which was just so fun.

Should you get MULLET MADJACK

MULLET MADJACK is an incredibly fun, fast-paced retro shooter that everyone who’s into the VHS/90’s anime era should try out. It might not be for everyone due to how fast the game is, but if you are into shooters, this is just the thing for you! If the review of MULLET MADJACK got you interested in the game, you can buy it here starting the 15th of May, 2024!

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Anime Corner received a copy of MULLET MADJACK in exchange for a review.

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