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My Daemon Gets New Poster Ahead of November Release

Hirotaka Adachi (Otsuichi) upcoming Boku no Daemon (My Daemon) series received a new poster ahead of its November 23, 2023 release date alongside a brief synopsis. Thai Igloo Studio is animating the series.

Netflix had previously released a My Daemon teaser trailer on its website. The main staff includes:

  • Animation Studio: Studio Igloo (Love Death + Robots)
  • Writer: Adachi Hirotaka/Otsuichi (Calling You)
  • Director: Nat Yoswatananont
  • Chief Producer: Taiki Sakurai

The new series joins the growing slate of Netflix animated series and anime set to premiere this year, which includes Blue Eye Samurai, Onimusha, and Devil May Cry. The series can be summarised as:
My Daemon tells the story of Kento and Anna, a strange and often dangerous creature called a Daemon that Kento discovers one day. After convincing his mother to keep it, they strike up a strong bond before Anna becomes a target with a huge 100mn yen bounty for its capture. The ensuing threats to Anna’s safety kill Kento’s mother in the process. Kento and Anna go on an adventure to seek out the fabled Daemon that can remind time and save Kento’s mother before finding that they have a lot more in common than previously thought.

Source: Official X

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