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My Deer Friend Nokotan's OP Reaches Number 1 on iTunes Japan

“Reindeer are elk; antelope are cows.” These are the soul-moving lyrics that made My Deer Friend Nokotan‘s OP number 1 on iTunes Japan. With a beat so catchy, the black death looks at it and sees a goal worth working towards. To say that “Shikairo Days” by Shika-bu has taken the world by storm is an understatement. The Evergreen getting stuck in the Suez Canal disrupted global productivity less than this song.

Shika-bu (The Deer Club), which consists of the main cast members, performs the theme song. You can find its members below:

  • Noko Shikanoko – CV: Megumi Han
  • Torako Koshi – CV: Saki Fujita
  • Anko Koshi – CV: Rui Tanabe
  • Meme Bashame – CV: Fuuka Izumi

Composed by Yuxiki Waga under the supervision of the show’s music director (Masamitsu Fujimori), the song is like a soft breeze on a summer afternoon, it welcomes procrastination. It’s so effective at making people do bugger all that Houthi rebels play the song, and ships entering the Gulf of Aden turn around. That’s how much power this deery song has. It even has 10 million views in just about 5 days on YouTube.

My Deer Friend Nokotan’s Anime OP Video | Song Number 1 on iTunes Japan

With a premiere that still has its audience laughing days afterwards, My Deer Friend Nokotan knows this world lacks joy and has set out to change that. And change that it did. It is a grandiose story revolving around former delinquent gone honor student and student council president, Torako Koshi. However, she worries daily about getting cancelled for her past, a sentiment shared by many souls in these modern times.

But she’s done a wonderful job at hiding her less-than-glamorous past; she’s now Ms. Perfect, and that facade would have stood the test of time were it not for her encountering a human/deer hybrid. Sharks can smell a drop of blood in a pool, lots of people know that. But did you know that deer can smell an ounce of fear and subterfuge in 20 acres of forest? Because of this ability, deer can call out Torako on her shady past.

And while Torako tries to pull a Shaggy and say it wasn’t her, luck isn’t on her side. That wretched deer follows her to class and instantly asserts dominance by calling her a delinquent virgin, two things that no one between the ages of 15 – 25 wants to be called. Can Torako keep her past a secret? Can she keep her desk clear of deer crackers? Can she beat Goku? Watch My Deer Friend Nokotan on Crunchyroll or Anime Onegai to find out! And make sure to read our recaps of it here!

Source: My Deer Friend Nokotan Offical X
© Oshioshio, Kodansha / Hino Minami High School Deer Club

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