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My Deer Friend Nokotan's Opening and Ending Bring the Brain Rot

The Deergeddon is finally upon us! So, pray to the horned gods that you may be saved from the brain rot that comes with My Deer Friend Nokotan‘s opening and ending release. Uploaded today on Twin Engine’s official YouTube channel after the show’s early screening in Japan, the creditless versions are truly a sight to behold. And, if the opening song, “Shikairo Days,” which is performed by Shika-bu (a unit made up of the VAs for Nokotan, Torako, Anko, and Meme), is anything to go by, then we’re in for a glorious show.

My Deer Friend Nokotan OP – “Shikairo Days” Perfromed by Shika-bu

Shika-bu is:

  • Noko Shikanoko – Megumi Han
  • Torako Koshi – Saki Fujita
  • Anko Koshi – Rui Tanabe
  • Meme Bashame – Fuuka Izumi

We’re used to opening songs or sequences and getting all the attention. But, with an ending sequence that’s a how-to on making deer crackers, points have to be given for originality. If you could have Sir David Attenborough do a voice-over to that ED, the English would watch it during their afternoon tea time and say things like “jolly good.” The slower-paced song “Shika-senbei no Uta” is performed by Noko-tan and Torako’s VAs:

My Deer Friend Nokotan ED – “Shika-senbei no Uta” performed by Nokotan and Torako

What’s My Deer Friend Nokotan about? Imagine you’re a delinquent, and so far, you’ve done your absolute best to hide that from your new school. Then, right when you think you’re home-free and that everyone’s bought into the perfect you, you pat yourself on the back when you’re walking home, you see it.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a human deer hybrid hanging from telephone wires! And as if that encounter isn’t traumatizing enough, that thing shows up in your classroom, in her first words to you, calls your bluff and outs you as a delinquent. Now you’re stuck with a human-deer hybrid—a huer, a dehu, an ande, if you will. And with that newfound (spelled coerced) friendship, all manner of stupidity follows!

My Deer Friend Nokotan is this summer’s hit comedy, and, you NEED to watch it. After all, what’s better than cute waifus with a penchant for delinquency throwing gang signs, and a cute deer lead with antlers (only male deer have antlers), so that’s a trap! And that makes Nokotan better! My Deer Friend Nokotan fills a hole in your heart that nothing else can fill, it cures insomnia, and it makes your job give you a raise. So watch the shikanokonokonokokoshitantan, embrace the shikanokonokonokokoshitantan, and become the shikanokonokonokokoshitantan.

Adapted from Oshioshio’s manga, the anime adaptation of My Deer Friend Nokotan is animated by WIT Studio and produced by Twin Engine. The show officially premieres on Crunchyroll on July 7.

Source: Twin Engine Official YouTube
© Oshioshio, Kodansha / Hino Minami High School Deer Club

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