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My Happy Marriage Episode 2 Review - Emotionally Charged

If the first episode of an anime is designed to ensnare audiences with an intriguing premise or brilliant execution, then the second episode must ensure that this fledgling audience is converted into diehard weekly watchers. Last week, we were suitably impressed with Kinema Citrus’ premiere of My Happy Marriage, and the second episode has most definitely cemented the new series as a firm contender for the Summer 2023 season!

Please be aware of minor spoilers in this article!

My Happy Marriage Unveils Its Backstory

Episode 2 might be entitled “About My Husband-to-Be”, but it feels like we learn equal amounts about Miyo and Kudo throughout the course of the episode. Kiyoka Kudo, now Miyo Saimori’s intended fiancé, has an infamous reputation—but for the poor, abused-puppy-like Miyo, being treated as anything other than a servant is like a dream come true. This surprises Kudo, but his own distrust runs deep, and their relationship is off to a rocky start, particularly since Miyo apologizes as often as she breathes, annoying Kudo to no end.

Meanwhile, the supernatural elements of My Happy Marriage’s world is expanded upon, introducing the concept of “gifted” people capable of seeing “grotesqueries”—demons or ghosts by another name. Worry not—this is still by-and-large a romantic drama, and any of the magical elements are woven into the interpersonal bonds of the characters rather than overtaking the plot.

Still, it paints an even bleaker picture for Miyo, as we see her childhood self passed over in favor of her step-sister, who possesses the ability to see the grotesqueries. Thus, unable to wield even the most basic of supernatural abilities, and abused by her step-mother simply for existing, Miyo’s sad and lonely childhood begins. Later in the episode, questions are raised about the Saimori head’s intentions for Miyo—along with Miyo’s family bloodline, the Usuba—but what bearing that has on her arranged marriage to Kudo is yet to be seen.

My Happy Marriage does seem like it’ll make good on its name, though. Best described as the heart-churning love-child of Fruits Basket and Violet Evergarden, we were almost brought to tears as Miyo receives a hot bath, a comfortable bed, and is treated to the basic decencies any human should consider a right. Her earnest attempts to please Kudo are slowly rewarded, all while Kudo himself begins to question exactly what environment could have produced such an abused and damaged young woman.

Perhaps a reckoning for the Saimori family may be due—and if that means justice for a little girl who knew nothing but heartbreak, then we’re fully onboard.

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