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My Hero Academia Creator Draws Special Illustration to Commemorate Match 4

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My Hero Academia aired episode 97 this Saturday, and we saw an amazing performance from Bakugo’s team. While the entire class B thought he’s still the same old one-man show, he showed a completely different side. The creator of My Hero Academia, Horikoshi Kohei, posted a special illustration to commemorate match 4. You can also check that out below:

Bakugo is obviously the focus of the illustration, as everyone was surprised by his performance in match 4. Even his teammates didn’t expect him to say he’d save them and that they need to save him. He proved he’s really moving forward, and it will be interesting to see how Midoriya fares in the next match after what he saw. If you thought this episode was good, you can also vote for it on our weekly poll (it ranked 5th last week after Todoroki and Iida’s big moments)!

The next episode is episode 98, and it will air next Saturday, May 29. The special match 4 illustration by Horikoshi Kohei is really awesome, and My Hero Academia is just getting better from here on out. While the mere fact Midoriya is fighting is great, it will also be fun to see if Monoma can copy Shinso’s quirk!

Source: Horikoshi Kohei’s official Twitter account

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