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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 16 - The Weight of the World

My Hero Academia Season 6 episode 16 aired on Saturday giving us another slower episode for this second cour of the season. While the fighting takes a back seat, for now, character development gets put at the forefront. The latest episode is nothing to write home about, and it’ll probably be forgotten within the next week or so, but these are the kind of episodes that a series needs.

Hawks’ New Resolve

The only thing better than Hawks’ deep voice in this episode was his moments of reflection regarding Endeavor, his journey to becoming a hero, and Twice. As I said before when Hawks and Twice fought, it was hard to argue against the fact that Hawks felt like the villain between the two, not Twice. And that same feeling came around full circle with Hawks when he admitted that, at his core, Twice just wanted to help people and that he had the makings of a real hero. And this is where it gets interesting for me and here’s why.

Hawks was put in a situation where he was practically forced to be a hero while Twice was the same with becoming a villain. However, it’s the constant fact that Hawks finally realized Twice was more of a hero at heart than he was. Hawks was on the path of a hero while becoming closer to becoming a villain while Twice was on the path of a villain while becoming closer to being a hero. The dynamic between the two is truly exceptional writing on Horikoshi’s part and even more so on the production staff conveying this dynamic perfectly this season.

Hawks’ character progression is one to be admired. From where he started as a kid to where he is now in the present, Hawks was giving reason after reason to become a person drowning in his own selfishness. And now, the story comes full circle. The one hero, Endeavor, who kept him on the hero path as a kid is now the first person he’s going to help in becoming what he envisioned a hero should be since he was a kid–one that helps people. And this leads me to why Hawks and Endeavor has an interesting connection as well.

Endeavor’s Guilt

While we can focus on Endeavor and his family situation, I actually love how he and Hawks have a very special kind of connection. Hawks saw Endeavor as Deku and Bakugo see All Might. Endeavor was the hero Hawks thought he should strive for. But it’s wonderful dramatic irony in knowing that Endeavor at the time was a horrible human being behind his hero name and Hawks was completely oblivious. It almost gives way to that old saying “never meet your heroes” and for Hawks to simply hold on to that public perception of Endeavor as this strong, brave hero instead. And the way his face transitioned to Dabi’s (shown below) was a nice touch.

And now, crying alone in the hospital, with the weight of the world on his shoulders, seeing Endeavor finding himself in the pit of guilt and regret still can’t convince me in the slightest that he should be forgiven, but maybe that’s why I’m not a hero in an anime series. And that’s also why I think Hawks wanting to help Endeavor more than anyone right now is a testament to the change Hawks wants to become. But when Rei told him that all of the family holds guilt a lot heavier than Endeavor’s I almost cheered. Sure the moment with Shoto slamming the door shut after seeing Endeavor cry was hilarious, and it definitely lightened the mood a bit, but ending the episode with Rei showing up was the perfect way to get ready for next week’s episode.

Episode 16 Wrap-Up

Much like the first two episodes of this second cour, this week’s episode was pretty slow and uneventful. But again, proper character development is necessary and that’s why these kinds of episodes are important. If everyone came out of this war arc the same person then we’d all be wondering how that’s even humanly possible. War changes people, for better or worse. The only thing I’m wondering is…how long is it going to take Bakugo to walk down the hallway to Deku’s room? He started off the episode in the hallway and we never saw him again this episode.

Episode 16 rating: 8/10

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