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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 19 - Deku vs. Muscular Round 2

My Hero Academia Season 6 episode 19 aired on Saturday bringing the Dark Deku Arc into full swing. And while one of the main topics of discussion in the anime Twitter world for the episode was the blue sky, there are many pieces that still formed to make this episode fantastic in its own right. Was it the best episode of the season? No, but it was far from being the worst as well.

Deku vs Muscular Round 2

While the fight between Deku and Muscular was much more shortlived than their previous fight, it was significant in a couple of ways. And one of those ways is putting Deku’s character progression on full display as a fighter. Not as a hero and not as a person, but as an actual fighter. His ability to digest battle situations has grown magnificently since his earlier days at U.A. High School and this was a perfect fight to show it.

Originally having trouble against Muscular, Deku making quick work of their fight goes to show just how much of a drastic leap he has taken. He knew how much power to use, where to hit his target out, and took Muscular down in one shot. Saving Yo yet again was more the cherry on top of it all to prove to the audience just how far Deku has truly come. But what’s also interesting about Deku’s fight with muscular was how he went about different ways to de-escalate the situation.

Constantly being told by the One For All vestiges, and even Gran Torino himself, that killing someone to save them is always an option if necessary. And during his fight with Muscular, Deku tried to restrain him in order to give up quietly, which didn’t work, then he tried sympathizing with Muscular and talking him down after the first option didn’t work. Then after the second failed, Deku subdued him and handed him over to the authorities without having to take his life as if he went down the list of options before resorting to having to kill him—something that even the #2 hero in Hawks failed to do with Twice. In short, Deku not only proved his worth as a fighter but even more so as a hero.

Deku and His Mother

The scene with Deku and his mother, Inko, at the end of the episode really hit me in more ways than one. But more specifically, this scene may have emotionally been one of the most impactful throughout the entirety of Season 6. The reason for that is as viewers, we sometimes get wrapped up in what all of these other heroes think of Deku and how they’re worried for him but most of us have completely forgotten possibly the most important part—Deku is a son.

While Deku leaving U.A. High School is believed to be of his benefit and everyone else’s, we tend to forget how his mom feels about everything through all of this. She’s the one person who has been proud of Deku since the very beginning even when he was quirkless. She’s loved Deku unconditionally and has been more scared for him throughout the story than anyone else as well. And in this episode, we finally got a great dose of realization of just how serious the situation with Deku and Shigaraki is getting. We got a little bit of that feeling in episode 18 when Shimura got upset about how adults have to send a kid to carry the brunt of this war on his shoulders and that same feeling was amplified even more with Deku’s mom after she learned about the whole scenario.

Sure, All Might could lose a student. His high school classmates could lose a dear friend. And Japan itself could lose its last hope of defeating Shigaraki and All For One. But the biggest worst-case scenario in all of this is a mother being scared of possibly having to bury her own son. No amount of hero work or tears from the outside world could overlap the emotional distress Deku’s mother is going through. There is no emotional connection that is closer to the one Deku and his mother have and this episode did a marvelous job of reminding us about that as well.

This hero’s journey started with his mom. And while All Might could be seen as Deku’s father figure in some ways, nothing will even be stronger than the love Deku’s mother has for him. That scene in the hospital was the perfect display of anxiousness surrounding Deku’s decision. We really got that feeling of his mother truly believing she might lose her son once and for all after everything he has endured. That this fight could be the one to end it all and not in the way she’s hoping for. The transitioning shot of her hugging Deku and then Deku hugging her is where visuals can tell us more than words ever could. Deku has become a hero in society, but he has always been his mother’s hero from the very beginning.

Episode 19 Wrap-Up

Episode 19 of My Hero Season 6 was much more than a blue sky and studio Bones’ B-team of animators. If those were the main things you could only focus on then you’re missing what makes My Hero Academia a great series in the first place. Deku may not be the most likable main character in shonen anime to a lot of people for more reasons than one, but there’s no denying at this point he’s well-written. The best part about the next episode with Deku facing Lady Nagant isn’t just the battle itself, or everything surrounding it, but it’s the fact we won’t have to hear anyone complaining about a stupid sky since it won’t be blue—enjoy!

Episode 19 rating: 8.5/10
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