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My Hero Academia Season 6 Finale Was Perfect in Its Own Way

The My Hero Academia Season 6 finale which aired this past Saturday was everything fans hoped it would be. While some season finales from this season felt like there was much left to be desired, My Hero Academia Season 6 gave us a conclusion that blended a perfect mix of laughs and heartfelt moments. It was a perfect way to wrap up what I consider the best season of My Hero Academia to date.

The Humor

When we take into account both the Liberation War arc and the Dark Hero arc, there weren’t that many moments for the series to give us that kind of My Hero Academia humor we know and love. Sure, there were humorous moments throughout the season, but they never once masked that feeling of anxiousness, dread, and sorrow that the majority of this season captured.

There is no rest for the wicked, especially in war. So seeing a bunch of teenagers finally get their friend back from a dark place after going through the trauma of war for the first time just felt, well, nice. Usually, relaxing episodes where much isn’t happening tend to be a little more forgetful. But seeing instances like Denki telling Deku to come back to UA and take a hot bath in the episode when they were fighting to actually do that exact thing in this episode is that nice little touch of writing that ended up becoming one filled with funny faces and a serene moment to end the season with.

The over-the-top expressions on so many of the characters’ faces in this episode almost made me feel like this group of teenagers didn’t just take part in a bloody war — still are, technically — and where they witnessed some of their own teachers die right before their eyes. Fumikage acting like an obsessed fan of Hawks telling All Might to have him respond to his calls and messages. Mineta making fun of Shoto for how he walks into the room and how he poses. Jiro giving a speech about how they’ve overcome doubters in the past together and that they can do it again this time as well. Deku waking up from a nightmare and using blackwhip to have Ochako there smiling and telling him good morning. It just felt like every scene inside UA during the season finale brought forth that little bit of comfort the characters themselves needed, and me as a viewer as well, after 25 weeks of death, destruction, and tears.

All Might’s Dilemma

As I said, this episode was a nice blend of humor and heartfelt moments. While Deku was being comforted by those around him at UA, it worked in contrast to how All Might was feeling about himself. It showed two sides of the same coin — that coin being One For All. While Deku was soaking in the suds of friendship and love surrounded by colorful rooms and cheery friends, All Might was in the rain under the grey sky with a sword to his neck being forced to watch a random woman show hope that the belief in what All Might stood for was still alive.

Then that line she spoke, “the rain looks like it’s about to stop”, was the cherry on top. They were words to describe the mood of everything that was taking place in this episode physically and mentally for everyone involved, in the belief that heroes can still save the day, especially All Might and Deku.

Stain was such a perfect person to force All Might to wake up to the fact he’s All Might. Even when All Might turned to his hero form for a split second, Stain reminding him that’s not what makes him the All Might he respects was utterly perfect. While All Might himself was dreading the thought of failing to make right on the father figure promise he made to Deku and Deku’s mom, the hero killer woke him up to show that there are still people hold the belief of who All Might truly is. This was a nice contrasting moment to Deku going through the same thing, except he was surrounded by smiles and comforting friends.

While Deku was dealing with the pain of losing his way to protect those he cared about, All Might was dealing with the pain of not seeing what everyone else still sees in him. He’s still that symbol of hope that brings out the good in society even at its lowest points — even at his own lowest point. That moment of self-loathing and All Might forgiving himself just to transition to the next scene of him creeping in a UA window and looking at Deku made everything that much better by ending it with a laugh.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Finale Wrap Up

Overall, this was a fine way to wrap up what I believe to be the best season of My Hero Academia to date. It introduced new characters, such as Star and Stripe, and we received news that season 7 is coming. It was a finale that gave way to the idea that things will finally turn around with the next season and that it’s time for the heroes to take back what the villains stole. We got new heroes from different parts of the world. Deku and the rest of UA is back on their feet. All Might overcame his own doubts about himself. And the rest of the world is mobilizing to face off against Shigaraki.

Season finale rating: 8/10
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