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My Master Has No Tail Previews Opening Song in New Trailer

The My Master Has No Tail anime adaptation revealed the third official trailer that features the opening theme song, “Genai Yugi” by GARNiDELiA. Studio Liden Films is animating the girls’ love (GL) series which will begin airing on September 30.

My Master Has No Tail – Third Trailer

Hideyo Yamamoto is directing the anime, with Toko Machida on series composition. Ryo Yamauchi, who is a chief animation director, is also doing the character designs. Atsushi Harada, Yuki Honda, and Tsukasa Yatoki are composing the music. The ending theme song for My Master Has No Tail anime is “Virginia” by Hinano.

The main cast includes:

  • M・A・O as Mameda
  • Hibiku Yamamura as Bunko
  • Ayumu Murase as Sakujiro
  • Natsuki Aikawa as Omatsu
  • Ikumi Hasegawa as Koito
  • Yuichiro Umehara as Rakuda
  • Ayana Taketatsu as Kirino Enshi
  • Akira Ishida as Ebisuya Utaroku
  • Junichi Suwabe as Daikokutei Buncho
  • Lynn as Shirara Tsubaki
  • Takuya Eguchi as Byakudanji Tsubaki

The anime is based on a manga written by TNSK. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s good! Afternoon magazine since January 2019. Kodansha US licensed it in English and describes the plot as:
Mameda is a tanuki who was born in the wrong era – all she wants is to trick humans, but that age of tanuki shenanigans is over. But one woman, a rakugo master named Bunko, shows Mameda it’s still possible to cast magic on humans…only with words, not illusions. Mameda is determined to become Bunko’s apprentice, but can she convince the stoic master to take her on…?

Source: Official Twitter
©TNSK, KODANSHA/My Master Has No Tail Production Committee

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