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New Hetalia Anime Announced For Spring 2021

New Hetalia anime project got announced by official Twitter for the series. The title of the show is going to be Hetalia: World☆Stars. What’s more, Studio Deen will take care of production!

It’s going to be an adaptation of a still ongoing manga under the same title. The manga is a side story to the original Hetalia Axis Powers written and drawn by the same author. Hetalia is Himaruya Hidekaz’s most known work from the few he has done to this day.

Synopsis, according to MAL News, is as follows:

There are strange people in this world. If it is short, it will disappear for several days, and if it is long, it will disappear for hundreds of years. The name and personality changed, and suddenly appeared by someone’s unexpected idea. Even though he is the most weird, he is loosely accepted and used by his boss. This is the story of such strange people.

You can see the promotional graphic below:

Official Promotional Graphic For New Hetalia Anime

It’s not confirmed yet whether it will be a TV or an OVA series. Hetalia: World☆Stars will premiere in spring season in 2021.

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Source: Official Twitter and Website of the project

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