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Brighten Your Life With Newly Announced Uma Musume Nendoroids

Have you ever looked at something, wanted it, and immediately thought, “Why am I one of the poor?” Yes? Well, the newly announced Uma Musume Nendoroids from Good Smile Company may make you want to reconsider your honest way of living! Have enough money to afford them? Hell yeah! Now you can have some meccha kawaii horses! With Nendoroid versions of Satono Diamond, Kitasan Black, and Nice Nature, you can have a pocket-sized travel companion for as little as $49 (Kitasan and Satono) and $42 (Nice Nature.)

Estimated to ship in 2025’s first quarter, each figure comes with a few distinct expressions, as well as optional additional purchases. If you purchase Kitasan Black, you get three face plates (her smiling face, a winking face, and a passionate singing face) and you can opt to buy a racetrack fence, a microphone, and a Konpeito candy addition.

Forgot that Uma Musume is technically an idol show too, didn’t you? Satano Diamond comes with a cheerful face, a smiling face, and an adorable pouting face, but the drooping ears and racetrack are separate purchases. Likewise, Nice Nature sensei comes with three different face plates (a smiling face, a blushing face, and a winking face).

All figures stand at about 100mm (about an inch taller than a big Mac for those using freedom units). And while there’s no deal if you buy all of them, if you spend more than $75 on any Good Smile purchases, you get a free Koinobori mini pin! That’s what you call customer appreciation.

Did you know people pay money to see sweaty dudes chase a ball around a field for 90 minutes? If you like that, ask yourself why and tell yourself to do better. And then check out a decent sports like horse racing! With three seasons of its anime, several OVAs, a game, and ACTUAL HORSES! Uma Musume Pretty Derby is a master class on sports anime and how one does it well. Just remember, if you buy the newly announced Good Smile Uma Musume Nendoroids don’t lewd the horses, you’ll piss off the Yakuza.

Source: Good Smile Company; Kitasan Black Nendoroid, Satano Daimond Nendoroid, Nice Nature Nedoroid
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